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Our goal is to deliver quality data for decision making.

Data quality is not an end product, but a process.

Realization of data quality starts from the design phase through the implementation, data analysis & report writing then lastly to dissemination.

1. Design.

In this phase it involves planning and structuring the study. Establishing the framework, addressing scope, sampling, ethics, and overall organization, laying the foundation for a systematic and meaningful investigation.

2. Implementation.

Here we put the action into the planned research design. This includes carrying out the data collection process. Executing surveys, interviews, experiments, or other data-gathering techniques outlined in the design phase

3. Data Analysis & Report Writing.

We process and interpret the collected data to draw meaningful conclusions. This involves organizing, cleaning, and statistically analyzing the data according to the chosen research methods..

4. Dissemination

We document the findings and insights derived from data analysis. This involves crafting a comprehensive report that typically includes an introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion sections.

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Ndichu James

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