At HOPAWI, we are known for Quality Data Delivery.

We are a Social Research Company in the Measurements of Inclusive Finance more so on Digital Financial Services (DFS) across Africa and Asia regions.

We partner with our clients in the realization of quality data with a purpose  to add value in the markets where we operate. We believe quality data is a process not an end product.

Our goal is to deliver quality data for decision making. We believe data quality is a process and not an end product. We streamline data quality throughout the project-cycle; from project design, to execution, reporting and dissemination.

Accurate and reliable data is crucial in designing products and services. Accurate and reliable data leads to better programming and improves returns on investments. 

Our Core Values are;

1. Quality Data

2. Adding Value

3. Timeliness

4. Going The Extra Mile

We partner with the Donor Community, FinTech's, Academia's, United Nations Agencies, INGOs, NGOs, Government Entities and Other Development partners both public and private companies.  

We collect both demand and supply side inclusive finance data.     

Some of our recent clients include CGAP-The World Bank, Innovations for  Poverty Action (IPA), UNFPA,NORC at the University of Chicago, USAID, FSD Uganda, SHUJAAZ, and Intermedia Survey Institute.