Lucy Kaaria

Lead Consultant & Founder

I am an expert in digital financial inclusion and founder & lead consultant at HOPAWI Management Consulting Limited. My role focuses on the intersection of products responses to alternative finance/FinTech, with a particular focus on developing markets. This is primarily through providing an evidence-base - in the form of research, digital tools and capacity building and education for policymakers and regulators seeking to develop an appropriate and fit-for-purpose services and products.

I have 13 years of track working experience, with 9 years in the measurement of inclusive finance using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Since founding HOPAWI management Consulting limited in 2018, I have consulted with various clients across the globe.

I have built solid skills in strategic partnerships, client engagements and management, digital financial proposal & program design and management, data analytic and reporting skills, training and building capacity for various partners, teams and agencies managements, implementation of digital financial inclusion projects and other customer centric research projects using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

I have vast experience in managing projects in Africa and Asia which were funded by The World Bank Group-CGAP, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, Innovations of Poverty Action (IPA), NORC at the University of Chicago -USAID, FSD Uganda, UNICEF, among other development partners.

I am currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) in Population Studies at the University of Nairobi and I hold a Master’s degree in Population Studies from the same university

I have led and managed multi-year, mixed- method financial inclusion research projects in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Somalia, Nigeria, Benin, Mozambique, Senegal and India since 2013.

Previously, before founding HOPAWI in 2018, I worked for Intermedia Survey institute as country project manager for multi-year, mixed method financial inclusion studies across Africa and Asia for 6 years

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