about us

We are based in Nairobi-Kenya, with operations across Africa and South Asia regions.

We Believe.

Quality data is a process and not an end product. We streamline data quality throughout the project-cycle; from research project design, to execution, reporting and dissemination.

Our Mission.

To provide accurate and reliable data crucial in advising on policy making processes, and designing products and services. Accurate and reliable data also, leads to better programming and improves returns on investments.

What We Do

  • Advisory
  • Management
  • Training

Our Core Values...

1. Quality data.

We employ tested quality control procedures and mechanisms throughout the research cycle.

3. Going the extra mile.

We go the extra mile in each project we deliver, this can be in terms of resources, knowledge and impact.

2. Adding Value.

Impact is at the core of our work; we are dedicated to generating meaningful results and fostering positive transformation in every project.

4. Timeliness.

We ensure timely delivery for every project we undertake.

Why Choose Us?

Solid Experience.

Over 10 years working in social development research across Africa and South Asia. We have been working with international development communities having worked with clients such as USAID,Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Bank Group-CGAP, FinEquity Global, UNFPA, IPA, FSD UGANDA, DAI, NORC, University of Essex among others organizations.


Our drive and passion for each research project is on the value and impact we offer and create for our clients. We are passionate about delivery of quality research data.

Providing Quality Data.

We believe policies, digital innovations, programs and projects are better targeted through specified and robust quality data.

Problem Solvers.

We not only deliver data, but we aim at providing a translation of data to workable solutions

Case Studies

Climate Change.

  • Technical advisor for climate, gender in financial inclusion – FinEquity Global (CGAP)

Financial Inclusion

  • Financial Inclusion Insights Survey in India.
  • Financial Inclusion Insights Survey in Tanzania.
  • Research advisory services for Caribou Digital clients, more so M-KOPA project in Kenya..

Women Economic Empowerment & Gender

  • Women Economic Empowerments in Financial Inclusion- Impacts Programme Documentation in Kenya

Digital Economy.

  • Technical research assistance to the Jobtech Innovation Lab project in Nigeria.
  • Democratizing Digital-Digital Trends and Democracy Assessment project with Digital Frontiers in SSA.
  • Scam Identification ability, confidence, and use of digital financial services study in Uganda and Kenya.
  • Mobilizing the gig economy for the youth in Africa. A project targeting 5 countries in Africa.
  • Consultancy to conduct a study on key performance log frame indicators of FSD Uganda.

Consumer Protection

  • A study to explore the political and social impact of the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) investment in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) on democratic norms, values and practices
  • Cross-Sectoral Youth Assessment (CSYA) using a Positive Youth Development (PYD) in Kenya.

Our Partners & Clients