Ndichu James

Ndichu James

IT & Data Manager

About James.

James is an IT & Data manager working with HOPAWI Management Consulting Limited based in Nairobi, Kenya, but operating across Africa and South Asia. His journey in the world of technology is not just about code; it’s a commitment to leveraging technology as a catalyst for positive change.


He holds a diploma in Information Technology from KCA University. Prior to joining HOPAWI, James was part of Mutual Data, where he collaborated extensively with fellow developers. This experience equipped him with foundational proficiency in JavaScript and honed his skills in leveraging data to architect and develop data-driven websites and applications. During his tenure, he led a team through various projects, providing him with invaluable firsthand experience in using diverse technologies.


James’s technical expertise encompasses a range of programming languages, including Shell scripting, CSS3, TypeScript, and HTML5. Additionally, he possesses practical experience in server-side languages such as PHP, adept database management skills with MySQL, and a mastery of version control using Git. He navigates through frameworks like React, ensuring a versatile approach to overcoming technological challenges.


Currently, James is on a dedicated journey to further refine his skills, committed to evolving daily and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Beyond building a career, he is crafting a narrative of positive impact, one day at a time. His passion lies in contributing to transformative programs that drive economic growth through innovative solutions. James is on a mission to be a change agent, utilizing technology as a powerful tool to shape a better world.