our services

We offer a diverse array of services throughout the research process, ensuring comprehensive support and expertise at every stage of your project.​


During the research design phase, the HOPAWI team will advise on subcontractors and other partners to collaborate with across Africa and Asia, on research methodology, sampling techniques, and the development of research instruments, among other advisory services.


In the implementation phase, our advisory services range from recommending quality control mechanisms to have in place, to providing quality control personnel in the field, among other advisory services. Our expertise ensures that the implementation aligns seamlessly with the established research framework, promoting accuracy, reliability, and adherence to the outlined methodologies.


Through thoughtful advisory, we aim to optimize the data collection stage for a successful and impactful research outcome. During the data analysis and reporting phase, we provide expert guidance on employing appropriate statistical techniques, interpreting results, and drawing relevant conclusions in line with the research objectives.


Our advisory support aims to enhance the rigor and validity of your data analysis, ensuring that the findings contribute effectively to the overall research goals. In the report writing and dissemination stage, our advisory services are tailored to assist you in effectively communicating the research findings. We provide guidance on structuring comprehensive reports that adhere to industry standards, emphasizing a clear presentation of key insights derived from data analysis. We also offer strategic advice on disseminating research outcomes through presentations, publications, or other mediums, with the goal of maximizing impact and reaching diverse stakeholders.


HOPAWI has a proven track record in managing research programs and projects. We specialize in overseeing multi-year, mixed research activities involving various subcontractors across different countries, ensuring comparability of study results across diverse markets.


Additionally, we coordinate with data collection subcontractors to conduct field data collection for our clients in multiple countries. Our expertise extends to managing instrument language translations, conducting consistency checks across numerous languages. We are committed to managing timelines meticulously to ensure the reliability and validity of the collected data.


At HOPAWI, we strive for excellence in training at all levels of research activity. We empower clients to align their research goals with organizational priorities through strategic planning, resource allocation, and guidance on team composition. This ensures the development of well-structured research projects that harmonize with overarching business objectives.


Our training initiatives encompass workshops, seminars, and short courses covering research management and executive training to enhance team skills in research work. HOPAWI provides specialized training for subcontractors and the data collection team during the data collection stage. This includes selecting subcontractors and providing training on research assignment protocols, quality control measures and procedures. Continuous training is offered during fieldwork to ensure a high standard of performance